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"Hack for Good" finalist !

Our team In Depth was a finalist at the Hack for Good hackathon during the DocuSign conference at the beginning of April.

We were working on team construction and communication during Team Rubicon deployments at disasters. Our team's name was "In Depth" -- we came in 5th.

Here is a write up on the DocuSign website:

Winning AngelHack with

We built a prototype of -- an application that enables any smart phone into a microphone. Having a microphone in your hand democratizes meetings and lectures by avoiding pass the microphone during Q&A.

Hacking wakefulness

Have you ever had a long day and night getting out the release? I have.
The problem is the next day you can not stay awake when driving or snooze at the keyboard aaaazddfnfhjjffaaaaa;;;;;.
Bad idea.

You need something other than coffee, tea or another pharmaceutical to keep awake! Get a
An app that notices if your nodding off.

Finding the program LISTENing on a Mac OS X port

I got an alert from my internet firewall that some process wanted to open a TCP port for listening. My challenge was to figure out which application is listening on port 20559

Working on a Battleship game with WebRTC

I am building a Battleship game engine as the basis of a WebRTC game. Maybe something else... I am not sure yet.

AngelHack AN9 and the network... problems.

I attended AH9 this weekend. However the networking issues got in the way of producing work to our team's full potential.

Need to find (or hack) a private team mess network solution to teamwork and internet access in the presence of a large number of other wireless users.

Looking for a minimal PHP framework for

there are a few candidates:
** CakePHP
** Slim -- microframework

Jumping into allien lands... micro languages LESS, SASS, CoffeScript.

These are still notes to help me clarify my feelings about these tools. As such they are often half-baked and works in progress.

Over the years I have seen many changes to the tool chain that are used to build applications.

Urban Data Challenge

I started to look into the Urban Data Challenge data for San Francisco.

A simple modification of a D3 sample shows an interesting distribution of bus shelters in San Francisco.

Have a look at it on

There are very few in the southeast section of the city. What does this mean?

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